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Education is only way for a better India


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Contribute and join the movement of change makers that will fight for education equity in India. Your donation will power a movement of leaders into action to achieve our dream.

How is my money used?

Out of every rupee that is donated to Kalisu Foundation 92 paise goes towards classroom expenses like teacher salary, classroom resources, field trips, activities, stationery and extra curricular activities for kids and 8 paise goes towards the operational expenses. This includes the cost of Finance, Communications, Technology, Development, HR and other such functions necessary to support the organization

Our efforts are made possible by generous contribution - financial aid, in kind from individuals and organizations. You could contribute in either or both ways. Through contributions in kind

This could be products or service that you are in position to give us: Notebook, stationary, unused-old books, children reading books, specialized training material, furniture. We would be very grateful to you and it will make a lot of difference. Through financial contribution



    Rs. 3,000

    includes teaching materials, field trips, stationary and classroom supples Donate


    Rs. 500

    includes health camps, fitness workshops and sporting events Donate


    Rs. 1,500

    includes painting walls, book shelves, procuring books, interior furnishing, visual aids Donate

Why Donate ?

  • Strong, dedicated and passionate team to execute the projects
  • You know education is the only way towards a better India
  • You like to see yourself being a catalyst of a massive change process
  • Strong financial policies which will make sure every rupee is accounted
  • You have faith in what education does for the country
  • Best Investment for your CSR funds

Note: All donations made to kalisu foundation are exempt under section 80G of the income tax Act

You can send your contributions to: Kalisu Foundation

Regd. office: #53/a, 2nd cross, Kalidasa road, ?Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore - 570012.

Cheques / DDs should be drawn in favour of "Kalisu foundation"

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